Another update

I've spend most of the week trying to figure ways to make the backgrounds look more 
3D:ish. It would be easy if I just could apply some sort of fading effect to the game... 
Unfortunately CoolBasic doesn't support loading half-transperent pictures but CoolBasic 
does have a function for making pictures tranparent; This function though is rather 
heavy and easily drops the FPS down to 20 so it is no use.

Well, luckily I came up with a simple solution... Dithering. By creating darker dithered
version of the original background - I could simulate the fading effect... Heh, also fog 
and clouds can be simulated by using dithered images... Here is small youtube-video 
demonstrating the effect (it still needs some work though):

Aside that I have drawn some new cut-ins and redrawn some of the boss-sprites... 
I also added section "latest coding changes" where I will add the list of coding changes 
after it is finished.

Then some sneak-peaks... Second level "Border space" will be rather nostalgic as it will 
serve as my tribute for the original PC-98 games (lots of familiar event there) and here 
is part of the dialogue between Cirno and Marisa:
C: Stop right there... This is the farthest you get.
M: Could we play some other time? I am kind of busy...
C: Do not underestimate me witch... I am a reborn fairy now.
M: Meaning you are weaker than before?
C: Hey, was that an insult? Now you have it!
I added it here so I could get some feedback (I know I am horrible writer).