Is this finally the year I complete Winterheart!?

Two more years and it would be exactly 10 years since I started working on Winterheart, so maybe I should finally get serious if I intend to finish this before that... Time will tell...


Finally an update!

It has been a long time since I updated this blog, but now I am back at working on Winterheart. From now on I will be updating this blog once again every two weeks.

So what has been slowing me down? 

Well, when I started this project I was confident that SDL would provide me everything I needed to make a danmaku-game from scratch, however soon I ran into memory issues that prevented me from making my visions of this game true. Of course I tried my best optimizing both the code and the external files (mostly images), but that didn't help at all.

Finally I got too frustrated and started working on smaller games (e.g. Perfect Youmu) hoping that I could solve the problems by starting from clean slate. As you have noticed, that lead to nothing...

So what is different this time?

I have moved from using SDL with C# to using SFML with C++ and now things are looking really promising. For instance I have successfully programmed a test that spawns 10,000 independently rotating bullets), something I could only dream about when using SDL (I actually need only 1200 bullets, but rotating even a single bullet real-time in SDL is nearly impossible as it consumes lots of memory). All this is thanks to the fact that SFML uses hardware acceleration where as SDL uses software acceleration.

Anyway, now the memory problems are all tackled so I can finally return working on this project...

And now for something completely different... Here is the updated mainframe for Winterheart:


Perfect Youmu II - demo

Perfect Youmu continues... This time with more Ikaruga-styled idea:


Quick update

Lately I have been busy writing my Bachelor's thesis, so not much has happened. But do not worry... I still keep on working on my projects.

In fact, I only need to present my thesis and then I am done.
Hopefully after that I will have more spare time to get something actually done.


Perfect Youmu...

Long time, no update...

Lately I have been working on few things and now
I got something done! Perfect Youmu: Download here.

Simple "endless"-style game where your missing is to travel as far
as you can. Instead of shooting bullets, you can reflect your
opponents bullets.



Hehe... Long time no update. Well, I have been more active in Twitter so updating this blog has become rather rare.

Currently I am working on the C# version of the Winterheart and development has gone so well that the demo should be out soon.


C# Engine progress

C# engine is progressing well and it will be soon completed.
Here is a picture of a new feature I added to the engine:

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