Quick update

Lately I have been busy writing my Bachelor's thesis, so not much has happened. But do not worry... I still keep on working on my projects.

In fact, I only need to present my thesis and then I am done.
Hopefully after that I will have more spare time to get something actually done.


Perfect Youmu...

Long time, no update...

Lately I have been working on few things and now
I got something done! Perfect Youmu: Download here.

Simple "endless"-style game where your missing is to travel as far
as you can. Instead of shooting bullets, you can reflect your
opponents bullets.



Hehe... Long time no update. Well, I have been more active in Twitter so updating this blog has become rather rare.

Currently I am working on the C# version of the Winterheart and development has gone so well that the demo should be out soon.


C# Engine progress

C# engine is progressing well and it will be soon completed.
Here is a picture of a new feature I added to the engine:

You can also follow me on twitter.


Project update.

Switched from CoolBasic to C#. I am now using SDL wrapper known as SdlDotNet.

Even though this means some extra work - there is lots of advantages: More stuff can be drawn to screen without drop in FPS - also transparency can be done via alpha-channel... And the most important advantage: No more mysterious MAVs (Memory Access Violation) - every single error can be easily traced.


Long time no update.

So now it is time for a new update. Currently I am working on sprites and graphics as the game-engine itself is nearly done. I have set myself a goal that I could finish a three level long demo before the end of February.

Well thats it for today. Next time I hope I have something more concrete to show.