Progress speeding up...

Next week is theoritically the last week of school in this semester so I have more time after that to work on Winterheart... Currently all dialogues and endings are written and added to the engine.
Still need to work with the levels though.

And now for something completely different...

After long brainstorming session with my old friend - we came up for the idea of my next game... The game will be similar to the Etrian Odyssey by Atlus (current working name: Gensokyo Odyssey)... Instead of mapping the Yggdrasil labyrinth, players will be mapping Bamboo thicked, Forest of Magic and other vast areas of Gensokyo. 

Even the players classes will be altered to fit the Touhou theme... Instead of Landknechts and troubadours - player can select from Inabas, Mikos, Magicians, Youkais (Skills learned will determine wether youkai will become ghost, vampire, poltergeist or something else) and many others...

Also I have already written concepts for the guilds and shops... But currently I am working on Winterheart so Gensokyo Odyssey will wait until Winterheart is ready. 

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